Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hairdresser on fire.

things that ruined my summer:

john calvin & the five points of calvinism
soren kierkegaard - the seducer's diary
various '-isms'
mitral valve prolapse(mvp)
skull-crushing migraines
c.s. lewis - the screwtape letters(an issue of bad timing)
mitral valve prolapse, again
chronic writers-block

things that saved my summer:

fyodor dostoevsky - the brothers karamazov
katelyn carter(bff)
two weeks in iowa with girl and landscape
weekend trip to TVR with sofia cantrill
friends, essentially
soren kierkegaard - either/or (minus the seducer's diary chapter) & fear and trembling
prospect of the next semester beginning again soon
secret cover songs
annie hall
goethe - faust
ella fitzgerald

does the one outweigh the other?.. I wonder..

This has been a long summer: an arduous journey to metaphorical hell and back, yet mixed with some of the best fun of my life. Too exhausting. I would have never imagined that doing mostly nothing would have been like this. I've had enough of it. The summer has ended and the next semester begins now. Friends are returning and my best friend will be joining as I soon move myself downtown. I have high hopes for this coming semester. Don't let me down CofC. You've done well so far..

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